Craig Carroll

Craig Caroll High Desert Ranch and Home

Owner Since: 2003

Hometown: Lebanon, Oregon

Most Likely to be Found: Overseeing business operations, or overhauling equipment in the repair shop.

Path to High Desert Ranch & Home: Finance degree in hand, Craig launched his career at PacifiCorp headquarters in Portland, OR. Despite enjoying his office’s spectacular view from the 28th floor of the US Bank tower, Craig moved his family to Washington state, where he eventually become a manufacturing entrepreneur. As his sons entered their teen years, Craig knew he wanted his family to return to Oregon; specifically, he wanted to live in Bend. Finding a small feed and equipment repair business to buy allowed him to make the move.

Management Philosophy: “Give people a bit of rope. It will help them to be independent thinkers, spread their wings, and make decisions.” Craig admits he is an over-the-top perfectionist when it comes to projects he is personally working on. However, with employees he tries to step back and let them learn from their own experience, even if it sometimes makes the road a little rockier. He believes experience really is the best teacher and that it builds pride in workmanship. It’s a compassionate management philosophy that values growth but also sets high expectations for quality.

Favorite Tool: HP12C calculator. Craig explains, “I’ve used this HP calculator nearly every work day since 1994. I’m on my third, and it’s about 2 years old. Eventually, buttons wear out and you have to replace the calculator. I can do everything on it – depreciation, payments, future value…it’s indispensable to me! Wait. Does that make me seem like a Nerd?”

If Craig Were to Write a Book, the Title Would Be: “Walking the Time Rope: The Art of Balancing Family, Work, and Personal Time.”