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Our Trusted Brands & Products

• Anti-Freeze
• Automotive Supplies
• Bernzomatic
• Blitz
• Bolts
• Bonding Materials
• Channellock
• Chicken Wire
• Continental Western Co.
• Duct Tape
• Elmer’s
• Extension Cords
• Eye Bolts & Accessories
• First Alert

• Fuel Containers
• G. E. Wellington
• Goof Off
• Gunk
• Hand Tools
• Hindley
• Interstate
• J-B Weld
• Keeper
• Kiddie
• Knife Sharpeners
• Light Bulbs
• Lincoln
• Lubricants
• Master Lock
• Master Mechanic

• Midwest Can
• Midwest Fastener Corporation
• National
• Nuts
• Outdoor Lights
• Pad Locks
• Peak
• Polar
• Propane Torches
• Rainex
• Rayovac
• Red Dragon
• Redlixie
• Rope
• Rustoleum
• Screws

• Spray Paint
• Squeegees
• Sta-Bil
• Tarps
• Tie-Downs & Straps
• Titebond
• Toro
• Tow Chains
• Towing Accessories
• Trash Cans
• Twine
• Velcro
• VNS Quality Valve & Sprinkler
• WD-40
• Welded Wire
• Windshield Washer Fluid

Hardware, Tools, & Accesories

Not only do we carry everything for your Central Oregon ranch, home, or farm, we also have an entire section of our store dedicated to hardware, tools, and accessories for equipment maintenance or that ‘special project’.  For your convenience, High Desert Ranch & Home carries everything from simple nuts and bolts, to automotive supplies and light bulbs.  With trusted brands like SPD, Rain-X, AGCO, Hindley, Redline, Sta-Bil, Midwest Fastener Corporation, and National, you are sure to find what you need to keep your ranch, farm, or car running smoothly.

Most people don’t know that we carry many automotive products such as: fuel containers, anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, funnels, tie-downs, and towing accessories.  Instead of running all over Bend to several stores, you can make one quick and easy stop at High Desert Ranch & Home to get everything you need – including miscellaneous fasteners, hand tools, tarps, bonding materials, spray paint, extension cords, trashcans, chicken wire, and more. For more information, give us a call at (541) 318-0760 or email us at info@highdesertranchandhome.com.

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After a full season of storage, don’t push your power tools to the limit immediately, let them warm up for a few minutes before use.
Use your old peanut butter jars to store nails, screws, bolts and other small parts. Secure the lid to the bottom of a garage shelf to keep them organized and save working space. 
If you have minor repairs to do around your home, you’d be surprised at how many things an inexpensive, basic tool kit can get done. Many jobs only require the basics: hammer, screwdriver, pliers, saw, and tape measure.
Always use the proper safety equipment, including eye protection, when working with power tools and saws; one slip can cause major damage in a split second. 
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