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• 3M
• Absorbine
• Agripro Entrprises
• Andover
• Animed
• Bandages/Wound Control
• Bell Boots
• Bits & Brushes
• Blankets
• Buckets and Tubs
• Cashel
• Cinches
• Clippers
• Duravet
• Equerry’s

• Farnam
• Farrier Supplies
• First Aid
• Fly Control
• Fort Dodge
• Grooming Supplies
• Halters
• Healing Tree
• Hoof & Joint Supplements
• Horse Guard
• Lead Ropes
• Leather Care
• Leather Tack
• Lexol
• Life Data Labs

• MannaPro
• Merial
• Miler Manufacturing
• Milk Specialties
• Nutrena
• Oster
• PetAg
• Pfizer
• Pro Equine
• Purina
• Redmond Rock
• Riding Helmets
• Salt Blocks
• Shampoos
• Spurs

• Stall Maintenance
• Stall Mats
• Stallzand
• Standlee
• Straight Arrow
• Supplements and Vitamins
• Toys
• Treats
• Troxel
• Vaccines
• Verbac
• WeatherBeeta
• Weaver
• Whips
• Wormers


Central Oregon is a wonderful place for raising and housing horses.  Horses are some of the most majestic and astounding creatures on the planet.  High Desert Ranch & Home offers a full selection of equine feed, supplies and equipment to help keep your high desert horses in great shape. For equine feed, we offer a variety of quality brands including: Purina, Nutrena, and Standlee.  We believe that these companies offer premium quality food and are safe in promoting horse health from the inside out. 

Horses come in different sizes, shapes and ages.  That is why we offer a full array of equine feed types to custom fit your horse’s diet including: Mare and Foal, Adult, Maintenance, Performance, Omolene, Equine  Senior, Life Design, Healthy Edge, Senior Equine, Senior Active, Ultium, Vitality, Safe Choice, XTN, Low Starch, Weight Control, Whole Grains, and C.O.B. If you don’t see a brand or product that you love, let us know!

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Horses can get sunburned, especially in the face. If your horse has white markings or thin hair, use sunscreen or a fly mask to protect their skin.
Give your horse a nice little cool down with the hose in the summer afternoons. The rinse will help remove the sweat that attracts flies and make your horse very happy!
 Deworm your horse regularly. Worms thrive in humid, hot weather conditions.
A well-ventilated barn, even if it means a drop of a few degrees in temperature, will keep the air fresher and healthier for your horse.
When using a blanket in winter, know that applying a blanket will result in less hair growth, so be sure to be consistent when blanketing your horse in cold temperatures.


When it comes to equine supplies, we offer an extensive selection of items including horse leads, halters, blankets, equine first aid, riding accessories and attire, vitamins, supplements, wormers, vaccines, fly control and tack.

Horse health can be very technical and complicated, especially if you have a show horse or are competing with your horse.  High Desert Ranch & Home has everything you need from brushes to grooming shampoos and supplies to keep your horse looking and feeling it’s absolute best at show time.

If you have any questions about our equine products or don’t see a brand that you love, let us know and we will be happy look into it. We also carry livestock and poultry supplies and pet care products. Come by our convenient location on the corner of Butler Market Rd. and 4th Street in Bend, Oregon today.

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