Jacob Sheridan

Jacob Sheridan High Desert Ranch and Home

Employee Since: 2014

Hometown: Prineville, Oregon

Most Likely to be Found: With a bag of feed slung over his shoulder.

Path to High Desert Ranch & Home: Jacob Sheridan is a young guy – if you’re going by number of years on this earth. But in his 20-something years, he has lived and learned more than some people do in a lifetime. Like most “old souls,” Jacob is relatively quiet and introspective, but when you do get him talking you’ll find he is one of the more interesting and sincere people you’ll ever have the pleasure to converse with. He loves living in rural Prineville, and he may look like a redneck cowboy, but the truth is Jacob can talk just as comprehensively about video games as he can about hunting and fishing. He doesn’t listen to western music on his long drives to and from work; he listens to books on tape.

Philosophy: “If you’re going to do something, do it well; and if you’re going to say something, know what you’re talking about.” At the High Desert Ranch and Home store, Jacob is one of the knowledgeable staff members who will help you select everything from fertilizers and pet food to live chicks and chicken feed. You’ve probably seen him at your home if you’ve ever used our delivery service for feed, wood pellets, fencing supplies, or small engine equipment. Next time Jacob is loading or unloading your supplies, you might want to ask him about the latest good book he’s listened to.

If Jacob Were To Write a Book, the Title Would Be: “A Simple & Sincere Testimony” – a book about what Jacob says the Lord has done for him, and the importance of showing everyone mercy and grace.