Jana Carroll

Jana Carol High Desert Ranch and Home

Owner Since: 2003

Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Most Likely to be Found: Stylin’ in Clothing, Gifts, and Accessories.

Path to High Desert Ranch & Home: Even after she and her husband, Craig bought the High Desert Ranch & Home business, Jana continued to work for a large insurance company, ultimately amassing more than two decades of service to that organization and her clients. Dreams and passion, however, have a way of working themselves out even when logic (and the checkbook) resists. Eventually, Jana’s dream of managing her own boutique came to fruition – in the form of an “urban casual and rural chic” space right inside High Desert Ranch & Home.

Philosophy: If you’ve spoken with Jana for more than five minutes, you don’t need her to tell you that she’s “a glass half full rather than a glass half empty kind of person” and she’s “never met a stranger.” Her two sons will testify that Jana’s positive attitude and genuine interest in people is legendary. They shared, “She will talk with anyone – even a random person on a subway in New York City (true story) – and end up making a friend.”

Favorite Pet: Ferguson, the Carroll family’s 12-year-old Jack Russell terrier. His owners’ status (at the time) as an authorized Massey Ferguson dealership provided inspiration for naming the pup.

If Jana Were To Write a Book, the Title Would Be: “The Care and Domestication of Wild Boys”