Joel King

Joel King High Desert Ranch and Home

Employee Since: 2007

Hometown: Cottage Grove, Oregon

Most Likely to be Found: Getting to the root of things in Lawn & Gardening. Or nailing things down in Hardware.

Path to High Desert Ranch & Home: Joel was a sales representative for a lawn and garden product manufacturer for several years. He specialized in serving independent retailers across a large portion of Oregon. You guessed it – High Desert Ranch & Home was once one of Joel’s clients.

Philosophy: “Mother Nature has the answers, we just have to ask the right questions and be a little patient.” Joel favors organic solutions for lawn and garden care, believing the natural approach typically provides the best long-term value, lasting results, and highest safety. However, customers who need a fast cure for a garden problem know that Joel is the man to see for expert guidance on traditional chemical options as well.

Favorite Tool: Deerskin leather gloves. Joel explains, “They are perfect when you use your hands a lot outdoors. I use my hands as tools when I’m gardening, so I have to replace my deerskin gloves every two to three years, but the comfort, fit, protection, and overall value is great. And they look good.”

If Joel Were To Write a Book, the Title Would Be: “Fly Fishing in the Desert: Murky Waters and the Big Fat Fish that Grow There”