Judd Phelps

Judd Phelps High Desert Ranch and Home

Employee Since: 2002

Hometown: Wasco, Oregon

Most Likely to be Found: Slinging feed bags and advising on supplies in the Pets, Livestock and Equine aisles.

Path to High Desert Ranch & Home:

Judd was raised on an Eastern Oregon wheat farm where generations of his family had also built a legacy of raising pigs. Natural outcomes of that childhood are that Judd took a 4-H hog to the county fair for nine consecutive years, and he worked at the local grain elevator during summers. After college, Judd moved to Bend and landed his first full-time job – at High Desert Ranch & Home! “The original owner left, but I never have,” Judd says with a smile, adding, “Mike and I joke that we came with the building [when Craig bought the business in 2003].”

Philosophy: “With good times will come bad times. With bad times will come good times.” It’s a saying Judd grew up hearing from his grandfather back on the farm, and Judd has found it to be a practical, realistic philosophy for life. It’s a great match for his down-to-earth, matter-of-fact personality.

Favorite Pet: “I do not own one, but I would love to have a French Bulldog,” says Judd. Frenchies are sturdy, compact dogs with a large square head, a broad chest, a hanging upper lip, and a tail that is either straight or corkscrew. “They are cute and their personalities are affectionate and playful, even kind of comical. It would be a great buddy to hang out with.”

If Judd Were to Write a Book, the Title Would Be: “The Joys of Lake Fishing and Crock Pot Cooking”