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• Alaska Fish
• Andro
• Bayer Advanced
• Blended Fertilizer
• Broad Spectrum Herbicide
• Care Free Enzymes
• Copper Fungicide
• Cow Wow
• Diatomaceous Earth
• Disease Controls
• Dr. Earth
• Dynamite

• Earth Juice
• Eco Smart
• Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth
• Granular Insecticide
• Green Light
• Ground Sterilant
• Havahart
• Humic Acid
• Hydrorganics
• Insect Controls
• Insect Dust
• Killzall

• Lilly Miller
• Liquid Insecticide
• Maxide
• Miracle Gro
• Mitocide
• Monterey
• Moss Control
• Mycorrihizae
• Mycostin
• Natural Guard
• Organic Fungicide
• PBI Gordon

• Pokon
• Pre-Emergence
• Serenade
• Sluggo Plus
• Soil Acidifiers
• Spectracide
• Spinosad
• Sucker Stopper
• Time-Release Fertilizer
• Tree & Shrub Insect Protectant
• Tree & Shrub Lawn Fungicide
• Weed & Grass Killer


High Desert Ranch & Home understands the climate and soil in Central Oregon and custom tailor our fertilizers and lawn care products for our environment. Our lawn and garden section is packed with everything from basic gardening supplies to beautiful decorative pieces for your yard or patio. We hand select every product in the store and only carry high quality lawn care brands like: Fiskars, Ames, True Temper, Quickie, Green Thumb, Bahco, Corona, Atlas, Dramm, and Scotts.

At High Desert Ranch & Home we know how important convenience is to our customers and we are a true one-stop shop for lawn & garden supplies.  We carry shovels, hoses, trimmers, pruners, rakes, shears, decorative pots and planters, tree netting, weed fabric, garden art, watering cans, hose nozzles, and even safety equipment.  Be sure you stop by High Desert Ranch & Home first for all of your backyard needs including wildlife, beekeeping, and pest control.

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Spinosad is a great organic product that is a natural insecticide that stops slugs, earwigs, pill bugs, and many other common pests without using harsh chemicals or poisons.
In summer months, adjust your mower height to leave grass taller. Longer blades shades soil, which reduces water evaporation, and helps prevent weeds.
 Your 4-legged friend can cause dead spots on a lawn. If you see dying grass due to your dog’s urination, flush the area with water to dilute the urine in soil.
Deal with weeds as they appear throughout the growing season. Apply weed control in late summer/early fall to help calm cool-season weeds, especially if you have a perennial weed problem.


We have a full-service garden center and we always promote the use of organic, natural, environmentally low-impact products whenever possible. Using organic lawn and garden products in your yard will make your soil clean and nutrient-rich, which feeds plants from the inside out. This eliminates the need to use potent, short-term, fast-acting, topical products directly on plants and shrubs.

We have found that in the high desert, creating nutrient-rich soil makes the plants and the garden as a whole much healthier.  Products like mycorrhizae, simples, and organocides are all designed to have a low impact on the soil and the environment while improving plant health, which will in turn allow you to use less water and less fertilizer.  All of the organic controls, organic disease controls, and organic herbicides are designed to be clean, and not last in the environment, yet still be effective upon application. If you have any questions about organic lawn and garden supplies come in and see us on the corner of Butler Market Rd. and 4th Street in Bend, Oregon.

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