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• Absorbine
• Agripro Entrprises
• American Salt
• Animed
• Bandages/Wound Control
• Brushes
• Buckets and Tubs
• Castrating Band Applicators
• Cowbells

• Ear Tags
• Equerry’s
• Farnam
• Feeders
• First Aid
• Fly Control
• Fort Dodge
• Halters
• Leads

• Manna Pro
• Merial Verbac
• Miller Mfg./Little Giant
• Milk Specialties
• Nutrena
• Purina/Land O’Lakes
• Salt Blocks
• Scratch and Peck
• Standlee

• Supplements and Vitamins
• Sweetlix
• Tack
• Tanks, Troughs, Waterers
• Vaccines
• Vigortone
• Weaver
• Whips
• Wormers


Central Oregon is a great place to raise livestock due to the abundance of wide-open spaces, natural streams and rivers, and our high desert climate.  High Desert Ranch & Home is the best choice in Bend for all of your livestock feed and supplies.  We carry great feed brands for livestock including: Purina, Nutrena, Vigortone,  Sweetlix, Rangeland, American Salt and Manna Pro.  We also have a wide selection of feed products including: C.O.B, All Breed, Wind and Rain Mineral, Goat Chow, Hog Chow, Sheep Chow, Goat Mineral, Rolled Corn, Show Chow, and Organic Feed.

Ensure your cattle, goats, sheep, and hogs are healthy from the inside out with our line of supplements, vitamins, and medical supplies from Durvet, Pfizer, Agripro, Neogin and Boering Schrin.  We also have a huge selection of livestock fencing supplies that will keep your livestock safe and sound on your Central Oregon ranch or farm. Come in and see us today on the corner of Butler Market Road and 4th Street in Bend, Oregon. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you with all of your livestock feed and supply questions.

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A single, lone, agitated steer is very dangerous. Many serious cattle handling injuries are caused by a single agitated steer or cow.
Stay out of the blind spot behind a steer’s rear end. If he cannot see you, he is likely to kick you. 
Although all chickens can be raised in a backyard, there are a few breeds that are more suitable for backyard chickens for beginners. We can help advise you on the best breed for your goals.
Provide continuous access to fresh, clean water. Water consumption is very critical through all seasons, but especially as temperatures begin to increase.
Create a plan for fly and pest control. The goal should always be to eliminate the problem before it starts.


Chickens have quickly become a household phenomenon in Central Oregon.  When a new ordinance was passed to allow homeowners to keep up to 4 live hen chickens in their yard, many Bend residents jumped at the chance.  Chickens are a great addition to your farm, ranch, or home due to the fact that they are easy and inexpensive animals to maintain.  Chickens, hens, and chicks provide outstanding weed and bug control, provide delicious and nutritious eggs, don’t have to be exercised, and are actually fun and friendly pets with a lot of personality.

High Desert Ranch & Home carries everything you need to keep your hen chickens feeling good.  From chicken coop materials and chicken feed to waterers, lamps and feeders, we are a one-stop shop for everything ‘chicken.’  In the spring we even carry several breeds of baby chicks along with all of the supplies you need to raise them to adults.  While you are trying your best to resist the cute little buggers, check out our selection of poultry feed that will work for adult hens, chickens, chicks, and ducks.  We only choose the best feeds for your chickens and promote brands like Purina, Scratch and Peck, MannaPro, Nutrena, Rooster Booster, and Farmer’s Helper.

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