Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes High Desert Ranch and Home

Employee Since: 2000

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Most Likely to be Found: Using elbow grease in Power Equipment Service & Repairs.

Path to High Desert Ranch & Home: When Mike was very young, vacations spent at a relative’s farm instilled in him a love of animals and tractors, and a feeling that he was destined to someday live on a farm. After learning the mechanics trade in the Marine Corps Air Division, followed by working as a diesel truck mechanic for several years, a family reunion in Redmond, Oregon, eventually led to Mike’s employment at High Desert Ranch & Home. And, yes, his dream of living on a farm did come true. Mike thoroughly enjoys his 150 chickens, 80 turkeys, pigs, goats, tractors, and large garden.

Philosophy: “Accountability is important. Admit when you’re wrong and fix it. That’s what builds trust.” Mike is an ambitious, diligent worker who takes accountability and integrity seriously. He also takes neatness seriously; in his shop, there is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Favorite Tool: All of them! Mike likes all tools because he likes things that are functional. “It’s more fun and rewarding to use tools to fix things, but using tools for maintenance is actually most important. If customers bring their equipment to me for maintenance, I’m far less likely to see them for expensive repairs.”

If Mike Were To Write a Book, the Title Would Be: “The Practical Guide to Planning a Successful Archery Elk Hunting Adventure.”