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High Desert Ranch & Home has been in the business or protecting homes, barns and gardens from rodents and pests for the past 15 years.  Our knowledgeable staff has seen almost everything when it comes to pest problems in Bend, and we know the best rodenticides and pest repellents to keep your home and garden problem-free. We also have a great selection of lawn and garden supplies and wildlife and beekeeping supplies.

We know how important the plant life in your yard is to you and we can help to recommend the best products to protect your hard work. We have a large selection of pest controls and rodenticides including: traps, liquid repellents, sonic repellents, live traps, and anti-coagulators to help keep those pesky critters at bay.  We have humane pest control solutions that will protect your home from rats, mice, squirrels, rock chucks, voles, moles, beavers, gophers, porcupines, rabbits, deer, skunks, dogs, cats, raccoons, and chipmunks.

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You can distinguish termite damage from other insect damage by examining any holes you find in wood. Termites typically eat only the soft part of wood, leaving the annual rings intact.
Keep ants away from your home with a concoction of borax and sugar. The ants are attracted by the sugar and poisoned by the borax.
If there’s a hornet, wasp, bee or other flying insect in your house and you have no insect spray, kill it with hair spray.
If a raccoon decides to make your attic or crawl space a home, your best bet is to let the animal leave, and then cover its entry way with wire mesh.
To keep rodents out of your house, seal every opening they could squeeze through. Spackling compound mixed with steel wool fragments is a great way to close gaps.
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