Shopping Small Yields BIG Rewards

High Desert Ranch & Home is a small business in Bend, Oregon, owned by Craig & Jana Carroll.

Small businesses make a BIG difference in local economies. According to the Small Business Administration, since 1995, small businesses have generated 64% of new jobs and paid 44% of the total US private payroll. Small businesses like High Desert Ranch & Home bring growth and innovation to our Central Oregon community, provide employment, generate local tax revenue, and contribute customer-oriented service in an era when good service is increasingly hard to find.

Small family-owned businesses are truly part of the community. Despite having 80,000+ population, Bend is a family-oriented, tight-knit, small community. High Desert Ranch & Home and other locally-owned businesses involve ourselves in local causes and activities and establish ourselves as part of the fabric of the community. Our customers are our neighbors, and we strive to be a good neighbor to all of the people of the community.

One of the fallacies of “shopping small” is that it will be more expensive than shopping at large chain stores. In many cases, it’s just not true. At High Desert Ranch & Home, we take lower mark-ups to make sure that in most instances our merchandise is priced lower than at our big box competitors’ stores. Competitive pricing and excellent service are the ways we earn loyal customers.

By supporting local business, you’re supporting the employees of the local business and their families that go to school here, pay taxes here, and are your friends and neighbors. We pay our employees a living wage, so they are happy and they stay. It all comes full circle if you think about it – small businesses make a community stronger.

As small business owners, we also #shoplocal and #shopsmall ourselves whenever possible. It’s a community commitment as well as a personal preference. It’s fun to shop at High Desert Ranch & Home, and in other local stores. You can try on clothing and footwear, get advice from a knowledgeable staff member, bring an item back if there’s a problem. In this high-tech, fast-paced world, there’s a comforting human element to small local businesses.

Small businesses and their positive effects in the community depend on your support. Supporting our locally-owned, locally-staffed, locally-operated store will generally not cost you more – plus, you’ll get knowledgeable, friendly service. We know many of you like to shop local, but we don’t take that preference and community commitment for granted. We promise to work hard every day to earn your patronage and loyalty. Thank you for shopping small during the holiday season and all year long!