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• All-Seed Feeders
• Bird Blocks
• Bird Scapes
• Birdbath De-Icers
• Birdhouses
• Black Oil Sunflower
• C&S
• Cedar Works

• Chuckanuts
• Corn on the Cob
• Cracked Corn
• Deer Salt and Mineral Blocks
• Dove & Quail Mix
• Droll Yankee
• Finch Feeders
• Heath

• Humming Bird Feeders
• Mule Deer Chow
• Nature’s Nuts
• No-Sprout Food
• Nutrena Wild Bird
• Perky Pet
• Purina
• Safflower

• Salt Licks
• Squirrel Food
• Suet – Fruit Blends & Peanut
• Suet Feeders
• Taytee
• Un-Shelled Peanuts
• Various Wild Bird Food Mixes
• Wild Game Blocks


High Desert Ranch & Home always has wildlife feed in-stock, including: cracked corn, un-shelled peanuts, safflower, black-oil sunflower, wild game blocks, mule deer chow, deer salt and mineral blocks, dove & quail mix, no-sprout mix and squirrel food. We also carry the best brands for wildlife feed and products including: Nutrena Wild Bird, Purina, Perky Pet, Droll Yankee, Cedar Works, Bird Scapes, C&S, Health and Chuckanuts.

Central Oregon is an area that sees a wide variety of beautiful wildlife.  You will often see deer walking around town or laying in yards right in the middle of Bend. Some locals encourage wildlife into their yards for their viewing pleasure by putting out deer, squirrel, and bird feeders. We also carry lawn and garden supplies, pest control, and pet supplies. If you have any questions about our wildlife products, come and see us on the corner of Butler Market and 4th Street in Bend.

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Birds need food the most during temperature extremes, migration, and in late winter or early spring, when natural seed sources are depleted.
Peanuts, white proso millet, and black-oil sunflower seed are all high in fat, great sources of energy, and are easy for birds to crack open.
If you are looking to attract deer to your property, put a salt block near a food plot, or beside a feeder.
Place bee hives near a water source and ideally underneath a shady area and with a windbreak
Sprinkle chili powder weekly on the plants that you would like deer and critters to stay away from.


With the surge in popularity for urban beekeeping, High Desert Ranch & Home now carries everything you need to start your own bee hive including: beekeeping suits, gloves, uncapping knives and scrapers, smokers, pellets, and more. Our brand of choice for beekeeping supplies is Harvest Lane Honey which manufactures high quality beekeeping products that will keep you protected and your bees happy.

Beekeeping helps to enhance local bee populations and allows you to enjoy delicious local honey that can help assuage allergies. If you are interested in learning more about beekeeping or would like to take a course, check out Central Oregon Beekeeping’s website. We also often have in-store beekeeping clinics so be sure to check out our Facebook page for updates. If you have any questions about our beekeeping or wildlife products, please call us at 541-318-0760.

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